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Facebook Advertising

Why Should You Use Facebook Ad Management Services?

Did you know?
Facebook has over 2 billion users every month!

With such a massive audience, advanced targeting options, and diverse ad types, Facebook is a must-use advertising channel for businesses. It provides various opportunities to businesses in all industries to connect directly with their audiences, build up a base of followers, and generate more leads for improved revenue sales.

You can get a lot of business by using strategic Facebook ad management. So what exactly is Facebook ad management? Let’s discuss it in detail!

What are Facebook Ads?

Facebook ads are paid messages from businesses to their potential customers (the audience that matters the most).

Marketers create campaigns with specific business goals (known as advertising objectives), followed by creating ads within those campaigns to help reach the audience. Facebook ads are highly effective as you can target your audience based on their location, age, interests, and more.  

With strategic Facebook ad management, you can improve your brand awareness while promoting lead generation efforts by sharing relevant content with your audience. Facebook ads are cost-effective when planned strategically and ran correctly by marketers. Just like other social media ads, Facebook ads can work on the Pay-Per-Click model.

It means you’ll only pay for ads when someone clicks on them. You can also choose the payment option based on impressions or the number of times the ad displayed to users.

facebook ads

You can customise them as per your business goals, i.e., you want your ads to show up to your existing customers’ and the users most likely to be interested in your company. So whatever you’re selling, Facebook ads will always reach the customers who want or need that product!

These days, almost every organisation has the Facebook Pixel installed on their website, categorized according to the users’ interests so ads can be targeted.

If you don’t know how to run a Facebook ad campaign for your business, our Facebook marketing agency can help you run it to boost your business sales.

Our experts can help you target the customers more likely to need and buy your products or services. We offer monthly and rolling social media management packages for our existing and potential clients. We can also customise our social media marketing plan based on your business goals and other requirements.

If you haven’t set up your social profiles yet, don’t worry! We can do it for you – starting from building social profiles to setting up page roles to creating your Business Page, organising page tabs, customising notifications, promoting your page through your website, and much more. Some other tasks that we’ll perform for your Facebook page are:

  • Setting strategic goals
  • Filtering your target audience with the help of Audience Insights and other tools
  • Optimising your business page
  • Making recommendations about the information, you must add to the About section of your About pages.

Once your business page is set, we can start creating and running Facebook ads on your page.

What does our Facebook ad management service include?

Working with a Facebook advertising agency like us is a superb option if you want to:

  • Grow your brand awareness via Facebook;
  • Compete with your competitors
  • Optimise ad clicks, spend, and conversions;
  • Create successful Facebook advertising campaigns to promote your products and services;
  • Resolve plateaus in Facebook ad performance;

So what can we do for you? Our answer is End-to-End Ad Creation!

We can help you strategise, create, and run your Facebook ad from very scratch. This whole process includes various tasks, including:

  • Create ad copy and design – our experienced writers and graphic designers work together to create an eye-catching and compelling ad to make it a hit;
  • Choose the ad format – whether you want to run a simple text ad, carousel ad, display ad, or video, our experts can help you choose the appropriate ad format for your campaign;
  • Optimise your landing page –  our marketing experts can help you create and optimise your landing pages for the best ad experience;
  • Set up ad budget – It’s the money that you want to spend on your ads. We can help you choose whether you should select a daily or a lifetime budget for your ad;
  • Custom Reporting – Your Facebook ad isn’t effective unless it meets your business goals like driving more traffic to your website, boosting lead generation, building customer loyalty, and improving customer satisfaction. To ensure that your ad is successful, our experts will create benchmark reports and monitor the progress of ad campaigns regularly.

You’ll be happy to know that we don’t stop at Facebook ads – we can help you create ad campaigns for any social media channel.

Contact us today and discuss how we can help you engage with users and convert them into your potential customers with our Facebook management services!


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