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Content Strategy and Audits

Bring Your Content To Life

Stay ahead of your competition and beat them to prospective customers and clients. Keep you customers engaged through the use of rich content and at the same time reduce your budget spend.

We offer a full service strategy for the creation and management of your content, bringing your customers and prospects closer, leaving them wanting to hear and read more

Content audits

Understand what your audience wants and know what networks that they spend their time on. Great content strategy ensures that you’re engaged with what your audience wants to consume and at what times. You no longer need to shout from the hilltops to be heard!

Our content audit offering performs qualitative analysis of your website and social platforms and the results determines the relevance, value and place for the content during the user journey. The data insights allows us to identify gaps and opportunities for us to assist you in developing untapped potentials.

Content pillar strategy

A pillar page is a page of content that covers core details and information about a part of your business. We will build comprehensive content for the pillar page – this maybe for the offering of a core service or product that you’re wanting to focus on and this page will act as an authority on the subject matter, covering all details.

Once we have created a robust pillar page, we continue development of the supporting material and information – Topic Clusters.

Topic Clusters are subsequent materials that we create in order to support your pillar page. The cluster will expand and extend information on what you will have highlighted on the Pillar Page, giving you the opportunity to address information in more detail.

As important as the pillar page, the topic clusters will attract more of an audience due the increased information.

The cluster pieces are becoming a firm favourite of the search engines, due to the high value richness of the topic based content.

Linking your Pillar Page to Topic Cluster

The topic pieces that we’ve created needs to link back to the pillar page, thus strengthening the value of for both the target audience AND the search engines.

The benefits of your content pillar strategy and how it enhances your marketing strategy:

  1. Enhances internal linking and site structure

  2. Accelerates overall Google and Search Engine Rankings

  3. Improves the user experience


Our reporting is clear, transparent and customised to what is relevant to you. All of our planned activity is tied to your objectives, goals, targets and APIs.

When progress is discussed, we will explain how our activity has moved us closer to achieving your objectives and at the same time we will share now potential, strategic opportunities..

Increase reach, accelerate traffic and enhance your authority by creating a content marketing strategy.

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