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Client Information

SD Sails designs, fabricates and installs high premium quality shade sails, tensile canopies & covers, exclusively for its trade partners in UK, Europe & Worldwide. Established in 1992 they have over 25 years experience in all aspects of textile fabrication supplying multiple industries with a high level of technical excellence.

Client Requirements and Objectives

The client needed effective and professional use of Pay Per Click advertising to create inbound enquiries increase overall sales and product offerings to more clients. The objective was to enhance the traffic quality, CPC, and, ultimately, they wanted to see major improvement in conversions.

What we did

We set up multiple ad groups with similar exact matching keywords and tailored ads with varying call to actions. We began with a full audit of the account, tightening up the structure and focusing our targeting on the terms we knew were highly likely to result in a better enquiry and sale.

We created several extended search ads for each new ad group. We also set up some ad extensions such as sitelinks, call-outs and call extensions. These help to secure more space for the ad so it looks more prominent. It also helps users to complete the wanted action much faster. We identified query themes that consistently drove high quality traffic and advised on new landing page content to help increase relevance.

This provided a seamless journey from ad click to application. This lead to an improvement in Quality Scores in Google Ads and higher conversion rates.

For the whole period of three months we achieved:







Results so far

Within 10 months, we had brought down the Cost Per Click (CPC) and increased the website visitors by more than 124%. This has led to a much higher order book and also commercial benefits of a busy factory.

Since we started working with SD SAILS in October 2018, we have continuously focused on driving up the volume of leads whilst reducing cost per lead.

As the competition was high and keywords were expensive, we needed to ensure that every click to the site was as relevant as possible, so we also began frequently adding to the negative keyword list.


How we did it

By implementing our strategy and continuing to optimize daily, we made considerable performance improvements with the SD SAILS paid search and SEO campaign.

We began with a full audit of the account, tightening up the structure and focusing our targeting on the terms we knew were highly likely to result in a sale. We then started to build the account back up, building everything in an extremely tight structure that was conducive to improving quality score and increased relevancy between search term, keyword, ad, and landing page.



SD Sails


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What our clients say​

Since signing up to Thrive On Digital 10 months ago, we have seen a huge increase in new enquiries through our website.  As a bespoke manufacturing business, we have traditionally relied on repeat customers and word of mouth to keep the order book full, but uncertain times have pushed us to be more proactive in driving sales, and TOD have made that easy.

With a service and budget tailored to our needs, they have been extremely attentive and understanding of our marketplace, and the ongoing work they do to optimise our web presence has continually gathered momentum, just as they said it would.

Now we are seeing a very positive return on investment, we fully intend to retain them as our main marketing outlet, which has proved to be much more productive and cost effective than trying to do it inhouse. I would have no hesitation in recommending the services of Thrive On Digital.

Simon Dawkins

Managing Director