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Cantium Business Solutions has over 35 years of experience with helping organisations to integrate their HR strategy with their support services. HR Select is Cantium’s integrated suite of HR services, designed to help organisations drive its own HR strategy by allowing customers to select the best services that complement their approach.

The Challenge

Cantium contacted Thrive at the beginning of August 2020 for web page build and custom design.

  • Their core HR product offering was split across multiple brand platforms and Cantium wanted to unify the brands and re-position the product offerings at one place
  • We needed to ‘wrapper’ all the products and capabilities in a new section that allows us to communicate in a consistent way and provides linkage between them.


The new section had to present the HR offering in a completely new way that allows prospective customers to manage their HR delivery. The main section has been built in WordPress following the best UI/UX practices. We worked on a custom development work in order to easily adapt to current Cantium needs.

We built high converting landing pages for all HR services. Each one has a different call to action to drive, a different reader in mind, a different product or service to offer, and a different niche to address.

Cantium’s team provided a style guide for the colour scheme that need to be implemented and reused across the site. This helped us ship colour changes very quickly without worring about regressions across the site.
The whole codebase was written with the intention to be clean and tidy, to secure good performance for large scale operations and great visuals

Success Indicators/Results

Fortunately, creating a powerful and high-converting landing page wasn’t rocket science!
The first build of the website section was completed within four weeks. Since then, we have had weekly deployments to add more and more various features. The website was built with a clean front-end structure and easy editing backend capabilities, allowing both easy content updates by the client and seamless continuous development work.

We showcase this project as an example of how WordPress development retainers work for the gradual building of complex websites.



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