Pay Per Click Advertising

Google Ads Management Campaign that generate leads & grows your business

PPC is a highly cost-effective method of advertising on search engines. Whereas it can take many months or years for a business to rank at the top of Google for their most important search terms, Google Ads pay-per-click advertising platform allows businesses to appear at the top of Google almost immediately….if managed effectively!

‘Paid Search’ remains one of the biggest drivers of online traffic for today’s brands. Wherever people are searching, and on whatever device, our PPC experts (also known as Google Ads virtuosos) give brands maximum exposure at the optimal price, allowing you to reach a new audience and target previous users through remarketing campaigns.

How we do Google Ads Management

At Thrive On Digital, we aim to understand your business and then to develop customised and actionable digital marketing solutions to help realise your goals.  We follow the best practices for your Google Ads campaign structure! Here are the steps we take:

Determining the keyword to bid on, is the foundation of a successful campaign. We need to do a keyword research of the queries in the current business niche and build up a semantic core with keyword clusterisation. This will orientate us to which are the key-phrases and which can bring maximum ROI results, and then we insert them within the PPC campaign.

We’ll set up your Ads campaign, create ad copy and configure all settings. Multiple ad variations will be created and modified to achieve the highest conversion rates achievable. Your ads must attract your prospects attention and stand out from the competition. Our team of experts can create high performing campaigns with the use of data insight and powerful tools to help enhance brand visibility and add to your ROI and thus, your overall bottom line.

Staying at the top of Google’s search results is critical. This requires ongoing work. We test new ads and keywords to keep leads constantly coming in. We focus on:

  • Bid monitoring and budget optimisation, ensuring each campaign performs at maximum efficiency;
  • Ongoing optimisation of keywords, ad copy, targeting, bidding, and overall campaign health;
  • Continuous improvement for higher quality scores, increased conversion rates and ROI improvement;

PPC Audit Services

Already have existing Google Ads campaigns which aren’t converting?

Do you want to cut down wasted spend, increase click-through and garner better results for your business? Our PPC audit specialists will investigate your current PPC setup, identify the areas for improvement and build a fully-tailored paid advertising strategy to improve conversions and ROI.

We’ll provide you with a deep analysis of the performance of your Google Ads campaigns and look at improvements that can be made to give the performance a much-needed boost.

Want to grow your business?