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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a core area in digital marketing. Search engine optimisation is critical to a company’s online presence. Our SEO strategies are focused on enhancing your website’s visibility, outranking competitors and ensuring your offerings are at the forefront of your target audience.

Our team of SEO experts stop at nothing to ensure you shoot through the ranks, and are shielded from abrupt Google algorithm changes or penalties.


Designing a website is only half the battle – you also need to ensure that it is fully visible in search engines. We provide a comprehensive SEO service for businesses. SEO is an evolving discipline that requires an experienced, expert search marketer to deliver results consistently and continually.


It is critical to have your brand recognised in the digital space. Our experienced search marketers will help you rise up the rankings following the latest Google algorithm updates.

How it Works?

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SEO Audit

An SEO audit uncovers all the necessary details needed to improve your organic traffic levels.


Our team of SEO experts will comb through every inch of your website and detect harmful elements that affect your website visibility in the search engines.


Our SEO auditing approach is an organic and intentional process. While we use premium tools to examine and detect errors and bugs, our team of experts cross-check manually and look for the little details only a professional can spot in the dark.

Our SEO auditing process includes


Keyword Analysis

We will review your keyword structure, and deploy relevant keywords and ensure they are both search-engine friendly and user-friendly.


Content Auditing

The quality of the content you put out has to be top-notch. We understand the role that epic content plays in SEO and fulfills it to the teeth.


Duplication of Pages

The Search Engines already have a field day sorting out site data, we do not have to confuse them any further. Checking for duplication of pages, tags on different URLS is critical to a site’s health.


Geo-location of pages

We want to ensure the audience in a certain region can view content we want them to see. The question is: are your regional pages targeting your regional audience effectively?


Site Structure

Checking if your site is built in a user-friendly way with proper internal linking structure and more, is essential to an SEO audit.

On Page SEO

Website content is the meeting point that communicates your sales pitch to your teeming audience. On-page optimisation is focused on optimising your web content and HTML code with the aim of improving your rankings and generating more traffic.


We are based in London; a global financial center. We understand the level of competition you face online from a personal perspective; therefore, we replicate our success strategies in a customised manner for your company.



We examine title tags, meta description, URL structure, sitemaps, image tags, and other on-page elements.


Thrive On Digital work across a wide range of industries, offering a results-driven approach to strategy, management and reporting.


We also ensure the on-page optimisation efforts are in accordance with Google’s guidelines.

Off Page SEO

While on-page SEO like content and HTML is visible on your website, there are off-page SEO factors doing notable work behind the scenes. Link building is the practice of attaining links from other websites that direct search engine robots to your website.


Our off-page SEO optimisation activities improve your search engine visibility, extend brand awareness, and best of all, generate sales leads and revenue. Effective off site SEO requires a balanced link portfolio because sources of information and references matter to the search engines.

Our Link Building services include:


∙ High Authority Links

∙ Quality over Quantity

∙ Build Business Relationships

∙ Guest-Post with Relevant Content

∙ Directory Submission

Local SEO

Do you offer a unique service peculiar to an area? Are you looking to focus your SEO efforts in a certain region?


Local SEO simply means localising your website. By employing Local SEO practices, small businesses and big business with several location service areas can optimise their website to suit a particular town, city or region.


Local SEO stimulates and connects with the local audience through local content creation, getting involved with community events and more.

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Citation Building

Putting your business out there is vital to getting quality leads. We will ensure your website is featured on several citation sites and online business directories. We will also feature your company’s contact details and other information to help customers find you, improve your visibility and improve your search rankings.


Claiming your Google My Business listing

Your business needs to be optimised on all important Google services, get listed on local search maps, and more. We will also list you on the Microsoft equivalent for businesses.


Reviews and Ratings

Reviews are the closest to a direct referral on the net. Real and raving reviews for your business will not only increase your bottom line, but will improve your brand visibility too. Search engines are designed to prioritise websites that are trusted and resourceful. Partner with us and witness a steady increase in the quality of feedback and reviews your website receives.

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